Pre-arrangements have become a practical way of informing your family of your personal wishes. There are tremendous benefits to pre-planning your funeral. Pre-planning will relieve the emotional and financial burden from your loved ones. It will provide you with the opportunity to express your own ideas and preferences and include your family in the decision making. This allows you to personalize your funeral and make it a celebration of your life.


An individual need only complete an information sheet  and go on file with us until our services are needed. For many people this allows peace of mind for everyone concerned and payment is taken care of at the time of death.


An insurance policy is issued in the amount of the prearranged funeral expenses. This is payable to our firm when our services are rendered. The advantage is a guaranteed fixed rate of interest and there is no taxable interest to declare yearly. The insurance licensee/funeral director that writes the policy earns commission. As with all life insurance, penalties will be incurred for early cash surrender before death.


Your money is pooled with thousands of other accounts.  The interest over time should help offset the cost of inflation.  The NJ Prepaid Trust Fund places your money in an FDIC insured account.


This allows the consumer to layout no money. Your existing paid life insurance policy is assigned to the funeral home to pay expenses at the time of death.


Provisions for payment are due at the time of at need arrangements. To avoid any possibility of misunderstanding or embarrassment and for your convenience, we accept the following methods of payment: Cash, Check, Insurance Assignment of a verifiable policy, Advance payment by a forwarding or receiving funeral home. Additionally, settling estates can be a lengthy process even though funeral expenses have a legal priority and are to be paid first. If an estate will be opened, we require that you, the purchaser, pay the funeral bill then secure reimbursement from the estate. A copy of the funeral bill will be forwarded to your attorney or trust officer upon request.


All pre-arrangements may be cancelled at any time or transferred at your request. All pre-paid funds belong to you until our services are provided.